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Album: journal:day14

Cooley Glen to Sugarbush Warming Hut
11 Oct 2005
Day 14
9.4 LT miles, 162 cumulative miles

On the trail at 08:00 for what was supposed to be a 13 mile day, but we stopped early at a ski area warming hut.

After leaving the shelter we warmed up with a quick climb up Mt. Grant before a long descent out of the wilderness area via Sunset Ledge which has good views when not socked in by clouds. The slabs of rock in the trail proved to be good practice for what we would find on the other side of Lincoln Gap. some of the bare rock required interesting and fun footwork to navigate. We met a group of day hikers that were turned back at one of the harder spots. Karen had a couple issues. In fact I thought she might land sprawled out at the foot of the day hike group.

North of Lincoln Gap Mt. Abraham waited. I told Karen that the proverbial honeymoon was over and now we had some serious terrain to cover. Mt Abraham is the southernmost peak of the Lincoln Mountain and is one of Vermont's few 4000 foot peaks with an alpine summit above the timberline.

After a brief showing by the sun on the way down we hoped to maybe see something during the climb and on the summit. We never did really see the sun out but had an awesome time smearing up the bare rock. At least I enjoyed myself. Karen had some problems but managed well. She truly earned this summit.

A few miles further we found an open warming hut right off the trail. It appealed to us much more than continuing the hike. We are staying here with two of the guys, Dan and Will, from the last shelter and a mouse. The little rodent is trying hard to gnaw it's way into the room. We finished eating and our journals. Now I'm thinking about bed and hoping for sun tomorrow.

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