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Album: journal:day06

Manchester Center to Griffith Lake
3 Oct 2005
Day 6
10.3 LT miles, 68.5 cumulative miles

What a day. It began at Up for Breakfast with Toad. It was twice recommended and we pass that recommendation on to anyone in Manchester.

After that I should have gone to the PO with Toad and hit the trail at an early hour, but instead I did email again, PO, switched out a leaking water bottle at EMS, replaced my insoles, and bought something to drink. I didn't waste any time but had hoped to be hiking by 11:00 and it wasn't until almost 13:00 that I tried to hitch out of town.

A pickup stopped right away to take me out to the trailhead. It's driver is an avid hiker, and as I found out when he drove back to Manchester, he took me out of his way. He wasn't even going that way at all until he saw another hiker in need.

Early in the hike I met Hell Kat. Hell Kat alread did the PCT this year and is now doing the AT. So he has over 4000 miles in 2005. The news is that he heard of me in TN. Word gets around I guess. Cool. And he warned me about the grouse that was following him around at the Bromley Shelter where we were. I found out from a section hiker named Toothpick that it is a habit the grouse has.

Later on the hike up Bromley Mtn and ski resort I met Left Foot who has been all over the LT multiple times. We split up at the summit where I wanted to visit a bit, but we reunited during the climb out of Mad Tom Notch to Styles Peak. We talked trail and books and made excellent time up Styles, then the traverse to Peru Peak, and down to the shelter. The character of the trail is beginning to change. There have always been rocky sections but this seemed different somehow. It is hard to put into words so late in the day.

I moved on from Peru Park Shelter another half mile. I left six hikers there. Still plenty of room for me, but I decided to move on so as not to worry about disturbing anyone else or vice versa. I'm at Griffith Lake Tenting Area all alone. I arrived at dark just as the coyotes started howling across the water. Over there is the Big Branch wilderness, while here I am in the Peru Peak wilderness. This is THICK, DARK Vermont woods at their best. There are some frogs croaking and an owl (barn?) just sounded off. I'm writing this by candle and with my headlamp trying to catch whatever critter is stalking my site. I sent my tent home today so I am just laying out.

Well that is more than enough for my transcriber to type up. I hope you enjoy following along on this journey to Canada.

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