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Day one north of the Rim. I'm very excited to be at this point. The AZT is radically different north of the Magellan Rim. The trail is done with the difficult sky islands of southern Arizona. The temperatures are 15-20 degrees cooler and the Coconino National Forest is comprised of tall Ponderosa Pines. And my foot is almost normal.

Today was an easy hike. Joe picked me up at 4:30 and took me to the post office where I sent my bounce box ahead to the Grand Canyon Hostel in Flagstaff. I saw Krista there too and said goodbye. Chances are good we won't run into each other again on the AZT but I suggested she hike the Colorado Trail next so maybe then. Joe dropped me off on FR300 again and I was glad to be headed north this time. He also went shopping for me in Payson and brought me 3 new 1 liter collapsible water bottles, a quart of fuel, and a new headnet. Thanks for all your help Joe! And I was off down the trail. General Springs Canyon was beautiful. I was sad to leave it but the hike through the pines was nice and relaxing. So many good camping spots. I watered up at Clear Creek in the 500 ft gorge. It wasn't running but there were giant pools. I hiked up and out and found a spot on the north rim to lay down for the night. About halfway through today I broke the 300 miles remaining mark. Maybe that's why I needed to take a nap before dropping down to the river.

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