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Backpacking the Appalachian Trail in March

Appalachian Trail Georgia to Maine

Date: 01 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 404.1
I successfully got moving early today and arrived at Kincora Hostel on Dennis Cove Road. I'm glad I decided to stay here rather than Laurel Creek Lodge with all its obnoxious signage especially the billboard next to Kincora telling hikers to turn around and head to Laurel Creek because it is so awesome.

Bob and Pat are great people and run a nice hostel. As usual I have the place to myself. I'm even bunking in the private "Executive Suite". Bob and I made a run into Elizabethtown earlier to supply me for tomorrow. My maildrop did not have everything I will need.

Tomorrow will be a true challenge. I can only hope I have he fortitude to carry through my plans successfully. I've begun preparations tonight so I can get an early start in the morning.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 17:06:28 EDT

Date: 02 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 404.1
Today just was not the big challenge that I expected. I rose at 9 o'clock to finish last night's preparations. In a short amount of time the roast was in the oven. With potatoes, carrots, and onion the whole pan of food weighed over six pounds. My plan was to devour the whole cache in one sitting. Doing so proved very easy. I even snacked before and after. Oh well, perhaps tomorrow will be more difficult as I enter the Pond Mountain Wilderness.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 17:09:39 EDT

Date: 03 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 414.7
Well the Pond Mountain Wilderness wasn't very tough at least where the AT runs through it. The scenery was impressive around Laurel Fork Gorge and Laurel Falls. Hopefully, my pitures look good. I also got a nice view of Watauga Lake as I descended from Pond Mountain.

There was about 15 seconds of rain while I was on the mountain. There was a little more just now. It might be a wet walk tomorrow.

I really liked the Kincora Hostel and Bob Peoples. Maybe after I finish the AT, but before I find my next job, I'll come back out here with a friend or two and stay at the hostel and do some day hiking. Anyone interested?

Some sort of animal is moving around in the woods. I may have a visitor tonight after I blow out the candle.

Good night!
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 17:14:24 EDT

Date: 04 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 428.4
The day started overcast and rainy but that cleared up after the first 7 miles. I met two young weekenders that stopped at Vandeventer shelter while I moved on to Iron Mountain shelter. the guy was a former thruhiker taking his girl out for the weekend. We traded some stories.

The hiking was easy today. The mapleads me to believe that will be the case tomorrow and Monday as well. Sunday will be my second longest day - 16.3 miles.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 17:17:53 EDT

Date: 05 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 444.7
I'm over sixteen miles closer to Katahdin, and more importantly, over sixteen miles closer to Damascus, Virginia where I shall have hamburgers and pizza.

I made it to this shelter with plenty of light to spare. My Ramen Noodles are already cooked up too. I'll be turning in early.

The hiking was pretty easy - mostly on ridges. I even cooked up some dehydrated chili for lunch with all the time I had. Early on, I passed a memorial to Nick Grindstaff a hermit who died out here in 1923. There was a lot of old homesteads in this area and much of my walking was on old roadbeds. Bob from Kincora calls it the Tennessee Turnpike. I think the hardest part of today was here walking down the steep hill to the spring to get water.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 17:24:42 EDT

Date: 06 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 454.7
Easy miles into Damascus today. I got into town before noon. I spent some time over at Mt. Rogers Outfitters talking about the trail and Damascus. The hostel, "The Place", is still closed for the season but I have free lodging in a bike shop which is currently closed . The floor is cement but there is running water, lights, and an electric eater if I want it.

Lunch consisted of pizza and beer. I may run over to Quinceys again for a cheeseburger and Mountain Dew.

I think I got more than R&R at Kincora. When I left, Bob was getting a little sick. Now I have a cold too. I'm running a bit low on cold medicine also but there is a drug store nearby.

I just noticed that somewhere I messed up my mileage calculations. I'll have to go backand fix them. Damascus, VA is at AT milepoint 454.7.

Psychologically this town is at the one quarter mark. Technically I won't have hiked one quarter of the trail for another 87 miles but most thruhikers overlook that. That 87 miles would put me near VA 42 which runs into Ceres, VA but that town is 5.2 miles from the AT and doesn't haveanythng more than a post office. Here the AT actually runs through the center of town.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 17:33:40 EDT

Date: 07 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 454.7
Last night I went to sleep at sundown after taking some cold medication. I've decided to stay another day here so I left many things undone yesterday. I'm writing this in the laundromat for instance. I tried to deposit my townhome security deposit check earlierat the bank ATM but the machine wouldn't allow deposits. There are two more ATMs here to try and if they don't work then I'll try to cash he check at the bank. I doubt the bank will accept the check though. My next opportunity to deposit it in an ATM is 162.8 miles away.

My maildrop contained the rest of my tent along with a generous supply of food. The tent is good timing as this warm weather is starting to bring the bugs out. Bugs have not been a problem yet but it is reassuring to know that I can escape them behind the screen of my tent for the night. It will also help in the rain.

It is time for me to figure out my week's hiking schedule so I can email it off to some people who want to meet me over the weekend.


Jeff over at Mt. Rogers Outfitters cosigned my check and I was able to get it cashed at the bank. Now it is time to relax in the sun!
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 17:41:30 EDT

Date: 08 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 464.1
I was expecting an easier day today. I left Damascus after saying goodbye to Jeff and Steve at the outfitters for all their help and putting me up in the best unofficial hostel on the trail for free. Everything was easy as I sauntered along paralleling the Virginia Creeper Trail, an old railroad grade now bike path, until I turned off to ascend Straight Mountain. The ascent was only 700 feet in the vertical over a couple miles but it wore me down. I guess I got used to ridge walking and town stops.

I had a surprise visit this afternoon. A fellow by the name of Jim that I met in passing at the outfitters hiked in here tonight to keep company and bring me beer. He is a former thruhiker (Restless) and thought a little trail magic would be appreciated. It certainly was. Natural Ice has never tasted so good. Actually it never tasted good until tonight. And in a few days I'll be stopping at his house for the shower I never got in Damascus. There are some great people out here. One more thing. As we were talking, on a hunch I asked what his whole, real world name was. The answer was Jim Davis. I guessed correctly! This is the guy that the backpacking trucker, Carl Turner that I met on I-490, told me to look for and say "hi" for him. Wow. He was just as surprised as me when I said I had a message for him.

This Saturday I hope to meet Steve and Al at Old Orchard Shelter. the three of us are trying to get together again after meeting at Flint Mountain Shelter about two weeks ago. We have sent out some e-mail but haven't actually talked. Hopefully we'll meet up. The next morning is when I hike into Restless' (Jim's) house for that shower.

Old Orchard Shelter is fairly close so I have an easy day scheduled tomorrow, just 6.4 miles to Lost Mountain Shelter; then little bit longer days Thursday and Friday, about thirteen and eleven miles, I think. Tomorrow should be fun and relaxing. The weather forecast does call for a thunderstorm though.

Transcribed on:    04-Apr-2000 09:59:57 EDT

Date: 09 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 470.5
Because I bought a new watch battery in town, I can say that at 3:30 this morning Restless and I were woken up by coyotes. On nearby started howling then some farther away joined. Eerie. I pulled out my camera in case one stopped by camp. I was not aware of any that did.

There was a little bit of rain during my hike. I'm at the shelter now and it's only 2:30. I've eaten lunch and would like to move on but don't want to be caught in a downpour.

The equipment upgrades I purchased in Damascus are working out great. My boots have new insoles now and a thorough coating of waterproofing. I picked up a new camera case and sunglasses case to hang off my hip belt. Both cases were 1/2 off too

Transcribed on:    04-Apr-2000 09:52:58 EDT

Date: 10 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 482.7
What a great hike! The Virginia Highlands are spectacular. The weather was cooperating too. I had a long uphill to Buzzard Rock on the slopes of Whitetop Mountain where I sunned myself on the rocks and had a light lunch. I must have laid around for an hour. Then I entered the Mount Rogers area and was greeted by alpine meadows and puffy cumulous clouds. this shelter is a nice two story structure as well. Then to top it all off just after dark Al and Steve show up. They are camping a little way from the shelter tonight so our revelry does not disturb the other hikers here. Steve also gets to rain test his new tent. Too bad they can only spend one night out. Al couldn't get a two day pass from his wife though.

Well time for me to go see how they are doing with the tent and fire. I must remember to bring my mug with me.

Transcribed on:    04-Apr-2000 10:01:06 EDT

Date: 11 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 493.7
This morning at 2:45 we were still out enjoying ourselves at Al and Steve's campsite when the predicted rain struck. The storm was large and the low cloud raced over the ridge hiding anything over three feet away. I hurried back to the shelter through the wind and billowing cloud by watching the trail at my feet. When it widened then I knew the shelter was near. Even though I shielded most of my right side from the heavy rain with my sleeping pad, my lower legs still became soaked. At the shelter I did not waste time removing my wet clothes and getting inside my sleeping bag.

Later in the morning the three of us left together on the AT. The sky was overcast and dropped occasional rain. It was still very windy and we did not have much cover. the trail stayed in alpine meadows for most of the day. These are large grassy expanses with rock outcroppings, lone trees, and small stands of tree. This highland area is one my favorite spots along the AT so far. There were many more people enjoying the outdoors today too. Finally we got to the trail to the parking lot and we split up. The three of us had an awesome time together. I'm very glad they were able to make it out for a visit. We may yet meet again.

After their departure I took some pictures of wild ponies that roam this area. They weren't roaming when when I saw them though, just standing still.

The rain returned with a vengeance during the second part of the day. During the worst of the downpour I sheltered with about eight others in one of the leantos. My destination was the next shelter outside of the Grayson Highlands State Park. The clouds drizzled rain all the way. Nobody else shared my destination but I did hike most of the way between two shelters with two locals out for the weekend. This pair bestowed some trail magic upon me and I got to talk about the Linux operating system to one guy, J. R., that uses it at home also. I never expected to meet Linux fans out in the souther wilds. That was really cool.

That's all for now.

Transcribed on:    04-Apr-2000 11:22:16 EDT

Date: 12 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 507.9
Winter has returned. Last night and early this morning the rain changed to snow. Temperatures stayed in the 20s for most of the day. There is about a quarter inch of accumulation on the ground. The wind continued through the night and carried the snow into the shelter. This morning my wet clothes that I took off last night were stiff and my boots frozen.

I was slow leaving my bag but I finally did and packed up all my stuff. I decided to keep my sleep clothes on for the hike down to VA603 where a mile down I was to stop by Restless' place for a shower. Unfortunately I did not get there early enough and he was gone. I should have been more motivated. At least I did not have to walk all the way back to the trailhead. Two women in a pickup towing a horse trailer pulled up to me and gave me a ride back. I did not even have to hitch. They were extremely nice and are winter horse campers themselves.

I skipped breakfast this morning so I cooked two packages of Ramon Noodles next to a creek, I needed the water too as I expected to refill at the house. The miles looked easy so I did not carry water today. This evening I had a quart of tea and Uncle Ben's Rice. This is a great stone shelter with a split bunk design and internal fireplace. The location is good too and there is ahigh-flow spring nearby. I recomend the Trimpi Shlter.

Transcribed on:    05-May-2000 23:57:24 EDT

Date: 13 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 518.5
I stopped early today so I could stay at this shelter. Partnershi[ Shelter is located behind the Mt. Rogers Recreation Area Visitors Center. This place is a beautiful, new 2 story shelter with a running warm water shower and sink! From the Visitors Center I ordered two pizzas and a 2 liter of Mt. Dew even. Now it is a little after five. I'm eating and enjoying some of the goodies that Al and Steve gave me. I should build a big fire in their honor but I'm already laid out in the enclosed loft with my various consumables arrayed around me.

Now, back to my pizzas.

Transcribed on:    05-May-2000 08:16:53 EDT

Date: 14 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 525.5
Light day mile-wise because I spent the morning reading Stephen Kings The Shining which someone left at Trimpi Shelter and I started two nights ago. It will be my fifth bood since I started. Each one has been either left at a shelter or hostel. One of the books was only a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon book so I suppose it does not really count.

I'm planning for some big days coming up. It's time I stopped playing around and went back to earning the trailname Hardcore. I'm curious to see what I can doo during a long day where I push myself. I guess I'll find out soon.

Now back to The Shining while there is still light left.

Transcribed on:    05-May-2000 08:20:56 EDT

Date: 15 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 544.3
This is a new high milage day for me - 18.8 miles. Yahoo! I have some more high-mile days coming up.

Before crossing over US 11 I made a stop at the Village restaurant for ham, eggs, and a gravy biscuit. Then it was on to the Exxon station to pick up a little bit of food. I called my parents to let them know I'm still alive while I waited for Dairy Queen to open up. A Blizzard sounded good just then.

Not much else to write. I crossed through several pasteurs [sic] on my way back to the ridgeline. I had to watch my step.

Transcribed on:    05-May-2000 08:24:17 EDT

Date: 16 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 553.3
I made the decision to stop early today when I saw the Chestnut Knob Shelter. The climb up and along Chestnut Ridge was coming slow for me and the cold rain and wind was dreary. When I saw four walls, roof, and a door I was shocked. Inside there are wooden bunks and a picnic table. This place even has windows. great shelter. The rain stopped and the cloud that surrounded the ridge has gone but the wind is still strong. I just came in from outside taking a pair of pictures of this place.

Tomorrow I may try for a 20+ mile day by adding the rest of toay's miles to what I wanted to do tomorrow.

P.S. The donuts from the Exxon station are incredible. I'm glad I have two more packages of six. They are pretty well smashed from being in my backpack though.

Transcribed on:    05-May-2000 08:28:48 EDT

Date: 17 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 577.4
Quick journal entry. I'm writing this on Saturday. Big but easy miles-24.1. Met northbound The Artful Dodger. He's a great guy with just about 10,000 AT miles. Hopefully we'll meet up again. I spent the night at a shelter with northbound Rainbow six. Odd fellow I don't know what to make of him.

I crossed good old I-77 today. I know this highway from my Parma, OH days.

Transcribed on:    05-May-2000 08:31:46 EDT

Date: 18 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 587.2
Short miles today. Rainbow Six told me there was some water on the trail so I did not pick up any at the shelter. He was wrong so I spent the day thirsty and tired. I was beat from yesterdays miles anyway.

I'm sharing this shelter site with a pair of section hikers and a small boy scout troop. I'm told there will be extra scout food for me.:-) This is Troop 256 of Charelotte NC. Aaaah yes, stirfry, bread, pineapple and cocoa. Thanks troop. Excellent repast that I did not even have to carry. Whoo hoo!

Transcribed on:    05-May-2000 08:37:07 EDT

Date: 19 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 600.8
I said "Good Bye" to the scouts this morning but not before Yogi'ing a scout our of his Coleman fuel.

I hiked half the with one of the section hikers. It was a nice treat to get to walk and talk while the miles slipped by. We took a short side trip down to Dismal Creek Falls which is a nice little waterfall and rocky area.

I gave Carl, the other section hiker, and the troop my website address so they too can follow along.

Transcribed on:    05-May-2000 08:39:59 EDT

Date: 20 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 609.3
This morning I am waiting out the rain. It is almost ten o'clock now and there is no sign the rain will be stopping soon. I guess I'll just go to the next shelter a little over eight miles away. Yesterday was a valley walk. Today I get back on the ridge.

I pick up my next maildrop tomorrow in Pearisburg on the New River. I'm going to send home some of my winter gear. My sleeping bag and jacket won't be swapped out until my Harpers Ferry, WV maildrop but I have a few other items than can go now.

Transcribed on:    05-May-2000 08:43:38 EDT

Date: 21 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 617.1
Rainbow Six and I shared the shelter last night and met in Pearisburg. We are splitting a motel room because the hostel is not open yet. It looks like I'll be finally getting a shower. My last one was at Bob's Kincora Hostel back in Tennesse. I'll do my laundry including sleeping bag too.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 15:15:03 EDT

Date: 22 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 623.9
Yuck. Yesterday I had to take a bath because the shower does not work here. That was disgusting especially since I took mine after Rainbow Six and he had not washed for a couple weeks. There's nothing like sitting in a tub filled with water that looks like stew.

Short miles planned for today. I'm leaving after the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. Rainbow Six and I may hike together for a little bit longer. He certainly is a man with a story to tell.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 15:19:37 EDT

Date: 23 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 640.1
Fairly easy hiking along these ridges. Usually the only big ups and downs come when the trail moves to another ridgeline. Today the ridges were a bit rockier than in the past. Small rocks littered the trail and in many places the ridgetop was composed of rock outcroppings.

There were a few nice views into West Virginia today after the morning's cloudcover disappeared from the ridge. Last night the view into West VA from the mountain pasture was very impressive and the sky was nice and clear. For about 2 miles the AT shared the VA West VA border yesterday and it remained close some of today. I don't return to West Virginia until outside Harpers Ferry in 348.4 miles.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 15:24:50 EDT

Date: 24 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 653.4
Good day today. The weather was nice all day. It was sunny with few clouds. I left late after a fabulous breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon, fried summer sausage, and fried potatoes o'brian with onion and green pepper. Rainbow Six and I got to meet several people too including two local back at a gap that gave us Dr. Pepper while we rested and two trail runners one of which thruhiked in 1998 wth the trailname of Hardcore. Hardcore, Keith in real life, even passed me a Snickers as he passed me on his way back. And I took a few more pictures today.

I stopped a mile short of the next shelter. The sun was setting so I parked myself off the AT near a great view of Kelly's Knob. I hoped to stay on the rocks jutting out from the knob but there was not a good spot for me. Above me the Winter Hexagon dominates the sky and Orion is staring down at me. Below me various lights from Blacksburg and it's environs dot the valley. With some luck, sunrise will wake me and provide an excellent photo.

Time to hang the foodbag...
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 15:31:01 EDT

Date: 25 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 666.7
I missed the sunrise but after seeing where it came up, I don't think I could have made a good picture of it anyway. I zipped down to the shelter and had a breakfast of Gatorade and tortellini in tomato sauce. It's not bad stuff. I'm writing whis while it digests some and some of my clothes dry. They got rinsed out in the nearby stream. I got to wipe off using a wet bandana too. Well, time to get moving and knock out the remaining twelve miles.

Hiked the remaining miles in just my shorts. I had a nice crust of salt going when I was molested by three goats on a narrow mountain ridge. Those goats wanted my slaty sweat bad and came after me with a vengence. In the end my legs, arms, and stomach were coated in goat saliva but no salt.

Here in the shelter, I just pitched a fiesty wasp into a black widow web. The spider won.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 15:48:41 EDT

Date: 26 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 676.6
The reptiles were out in force today. I saw a three-foot black snake and eight fence lizards. The lizards ranged in size from six inches to two inches. Also like the past few days, there was a nice variety of butterflies present.

I stopped by a small creek towards the end of my hike to wash my feet and liner socks. Somehow a brave and good sized crawfish crawled up on my rock. The water was moving fast though and it did not make it past me before being swept away.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 15:52:11 EDT

Date: 27 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 690.5
Little bit of rain again today. The rain has been weird lately. Generally the skies have been partly cloudy but with only one raincloud. So there is only one patch of rain drifting overhead. When that cloud passes the sky is back to fluffy, white cumulous clouds.

I'm enjoying the ridges here. The AT has left the Blue Ridge and has been on sandstone and shale ridges which have been really fun to scramble over. Today, I explored a rock formation known as Dragon's Tooth. I was more impresses than I expected. The tooth is a large, thin blade of stone rising nearly verticle. The views are good and all the shattered rock makes for good climbing and scrambling. I got a picture, but I'm not too sure how well it will describe the area. I need a wide angle lens.

I made a pig of myself at Catawba Grocery for lunch. It is located .4 miles off the trail north of Dragon's Tooth. I picked up two bags of donuts, a pound of cheese crackers, ice cream, and a liter of Dr. Pepper. I ate everything but the crackers. That was a total of 32 donuts because I couldn't decide whether to get the powered sugar kind or the chocolate so I got both. Caloric intake at lunch was a total of 3,640. Breakfast was probably only 650 calories plus a half gallon of Gatorade. I figure that I burned at least 4,900 during the day though.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 16:05:06 EDT

Date: 28 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 698.7
This morning I finally got that photograph of me standing on an overhanging ledge known as McAfee Knob which I have been thinking about since entering Virginia. Rainbow Six and I are together again and he took the pictures.

Now we are just a little north of the knob having some lunch. I'm getting hit with occasional raindrops even though it is more sunny than cloudy. This morning was rainy but we waited most of it out in the last shelter. This is a scenic area so we are planning short miles with lots of time to be lazy and enjoy the outdoors.

-Later that afternoon-

Wow. Tinker Cliffs is a really cool place. it reminded me of a larger, less fractured Whips Ledges from back in Hinckley, Ohio. I have plenty of pictures.

The clouds are mostly gone now but the temperature seems to be dropping and it has been very windy for most of the day. We were clad the wind was not blowing us toward the cliff edge but away while we were out there.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 16:11:07 EDT

Date: 29 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 713.1
Big lunch today at Western Sizzlin' after 9+ miles. I stuffed myself until my stomach bloated and became translucent after stretching thin. I think it was the fourth trip to the sundae bar that started my stomach hurting. I was not looking forward to the five miles yet to hike but after three hours at the restaurant Rainbow Six and I had to go.

The restaurant was our last stop at the interchange area where the AT crosses. I needed fuel and food so we visited Winn Dixie grocery. I got the best fuel deal at the Best Western -32 oz. for a dollar. They must get a lot of hikers to offer fuel.

The Appalachian Trail has left the sandstone ridges and returned to the harder stone of the Blue Ridge. Now it is night and we are overlooking the lights of Roanoke, Virginia. The weather tonight is supposed to be clear and cold in the upper thirties. Tomorrow afternoon is supposed to be rainy so we may do short miles and try to avoid getting too wet.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 16:17:49 EDT

Date: 30 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 726.6
This afternoon's predicted rain came last night. The clouds broke in the morning and it was sunny and hot all day.

Before I left Fullhardt Knob another northbounder appeared. His name is Bert and this was day one of his hike. He is doing a flip flop which means he is headed to Maine and afterwards will come back to his starting point and hike south to Georgia. This retired guy is toting a 70 pound pack. It is not a beginners mistake either. He is an experienced hiker and climber who started in the Alps while he lived in Bavaria. Now he lives in Hiawasee, Georgia. He knows about cutting ounces because of his mountaineering experience but he chose not to do it here in order to avoid going into town for supplies more frequently and to be prepared for whatever may come along. Seventy pounds is quite a lot of weight though. That's even heavier than what I assaulted the Smokys with. I wish him luck. We may even meet again. On an earlier hike to Silars Bald in North Carolina he noticed a few early northbounder entries int he shelter register. He was happy to find out that one was from me.

I encountered the Blue Ridge Parkway for the first time this hike. I'll be seeing more of it through Shenandoah National Park where it is called Skyline Drive. It and the AT run more or less parallel for plenty of miles.

My day is winding down much like my cooking fire. The time is probably around eight o'clock. So I won't be staying up much longer.

To make my journal entry complete:
Breakfast - hot dogs
Lunch - grape pop tarts
Dinner - hot dogs
I know that is hot dogs twice in one day but I don't really have a good way to keep the buns in my pack so I've been strapping them to the top and wanted to finish them off as soon as possible. Breakfast tomorrow is bagels and cream cheese, and I'll fry up a big load of Canadian bacon.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 16:28:59 EDT

Date: 31 Mar 2000
AT milepoint: 739.2
I'm at a really cool shelter tonight. I can't easily explain it so I got a picture. There is a small group here too. The shelter is pretty big though. I'll have to get used to seeing people out here.

I did not get to that Canadian bacon this morning so I have that to look forward to tomorrow.
Transcribed on:    03-Aug-2000 16:31:13 EDT

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